CCleaner 5.47 Crack & Serial Key Free Download


It is an amazing system optimization and device cleaning software. Easily remove system trash files, junk files, old registry files and optimize system performance. Just download CCleaner 5.47 Crack and scan your complete PC to remove all unnecessary data.

CCleaner 5.47.6716 Crack & License Key Free Download

CCleaner 5.47 Crack is an outstanding software that take care your system performance by removing unnecessary data. During the use of computer we install/uninstall many software, browse different websites on internet and perform many other actions which create some temporary files. If these temporary files not removed on time then system speed start lagging. CCleaner 5.47.6716 Crack is best software that protect your privacy, improve system performance and fix different errors. It will clean system hard disk and RAM from unnecessary data and rearrange all important data to provide best speed. You will get lots of features which provides different techniques to improve system performance.

CCleaner 5.47.6716 Crack.

You will get different cleaning option like in “CCleaner 5.47 Crack” Browser cleaning, Registry file cleaning, Junk/Trash cleaner, Windows explorer and system unnecessary files cleaner. In application cleaner you can remove internet cache, Cookies, Download/browse history, Saved forms/passwords and database information from your web browser. CCleaner 5.47 License Key support all popular web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari. Moreover you can choose auto cleaning option which will clean all above mentioned data when you close your browser. You can easily clean all unnecessary data from different applications installed in your computer (e.g. MS Office, PDF Reader, Web browser, Download manager, Antivirus and WinRAR etc.). You can choose application from which you want to remove data or select all application for better system optimization.

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CCleaner 5.47 Crack & License Key Free Download

While in windows and system cleaner feature of “CCleaner 5.47.6716 Crack” you can remove Autocomplete search, Thumbnail images, Task bar menu and unnecessary data which loads during system boot. In addition your delete Recycle bin items, Temporary files, Clipboard data, DNS cache, Windows log files and all other data in single click. If your system have number of shortcuts error then you can fix them with this software. If you don’t want to clean all data directly then you can use analyze feature which will tell complete detail, How much data will be clean? After complete analyzing you can clean only required data. So no more junk error, system errors and shortcut errors.

CCleaner 5.47 Crack

Registry cleaner is very helpful feature that clean all old/unused registry files. When we install any software then it will create registry file that stored in our PC but during uninstallation registry files not removed from PC. So with the passage of time size of registry folder increases and start giving different types of error, also affect system performance. With the help of “CCleaner 5.47 Crack” you can clean all unused registry files, DLL files, unused libraries, Application patch, Fonts, MUI Cache, ActiveX data and much more. You can easily edit registry files or clean all unimportant data. If you want not to remove data from any specific application then you can select such software in exclude list. You can use real time cleaning or schedule cleaning according to your system use.

CCleaner 5.47 License Key & Serial Key

You will get some additional tools in “CCleaner 5.47 License Key” like Uninstaller, Startup optimizer, Browser Plugin Scanner, Disk Analyzer, Duplicate files finder, Drive Wiper and Backup feature. It contain advanced uninstaller that is very helpful for Windows 10 user because it provides the facility to uninstall windows 10 built-in applications. Not only uninstall application, also clean all registry files related to such application. Startup optimizer of CCleaner 5.47 Crack will disable unnecessary application from task-bar that load when we start our PC. So in this way you can reduce system booting time.

During the use of internet many plugins install in our PC without our permission, you can check and clean unnecessary plugins. To save system disk space scan the complete hard disk and find all duplication files. To protect your privacy use drive wiper feature if you are going to sell your PC/Laptop or computer. If you concern about your data then you can use backup feature which create a backup file of all data before performing any action.

So finally in conclusion CCleaner 5.47.6716 Crack is one of most trusted and advanced software that optimize system performance by Cleaning unnecessary data, Disabling unimportant applications, Cleaning unused registry files and all other unnecessary data.

CCleaner 5.47 Crack Features:-

  • Simple UI: very light weight application that does not affect your work. Also very simple user interface that very helpful for beginners.
  • Application Cleaner: In this feature you can delete all unnecessary data from different applications installed in your PC. Also clean data from windows files, Internet files, Multimedia files, Windows utility folder and Windows store folder.
  • Bowers Cleaner: Easily clean your browser from temporary internet files, Cookies, Sessions history, Saved password and all other data. You can use Auto clean feature which clean all selected data during exit of web browser.
  • Registry Cleaner: Delete all old registry files that not associated with any current installed application. Also clean outdated registry file that affecting system performance.
  • Uninstaller: Very helpful for Windows 10 user due to Windows 10 built0in application uninstalling feature. Also clean all related data during uninstalling any software.
  • Startup Optimizer: Reduce system boot time by disabling unnecessary application from taskbar.
  • Browser Plugin Remover: delete all unnecessary and malware plugins from your web browser that installed without your permission and showing pop up ads.
  • Duplicate File Finder: Save system disk space by find and cleaning all duplicate files.
  • Drive Wiper: Use drive wipe feature before going to sell your system. This feature will protect your privacy because after this no one can restore your data from any data recovery software.
  • Backup & Restore: Before performing any action or deleting any file create a backup file and easily restore when required.

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What’s New in CCleaner 5.47.6716 Crack?

  • Internet tracker remover
  • Fixed command line cleaning
  • GUI improvements
  • Fixed some bugs

CCleaner 5.47 License Key

CCleaner 5.47 License Key System Requirements:
  • At least 256 MB system RAM
  • Minimum 150 MB free system disk space
  • 1 GHZ processor
  • Support Windows 10/8.x/7 and Windows vista/XP
CCleaner 5.47 Crack Process:-
  1. Uninstall previous version (Optional)
  2. Download and install ‘CCleaner 5.47 License Key’
  3. Disconnect your internet and Disable antivirus (Temporary)
  4. Copy all files from crack folder and paste in installation directory
  5. That’s it, Keep visiting
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